Valley of the Wind – Phase 2

Listen to nature.

The language of nature is silence, punctuated only by birdsongs, and the gentle play of breeze flirting with leaves. In great unison, together for millions of years, this has been the greatest philharmonic orchestra ever.

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Total Project Area

39.8 Acres


Nandi Hills

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Where the wind sings you to sleep.

At very few select locations like Nandi Hills, Bangalore's own hill station, the wind sings to a different rhythm. Soothing songs that transport you away from city concerns and business blues. It whispers two words in your ears: Start Living.


Come back to nature. Welcome to paradise.

This is Valley of the Wind. You start living when you return to nature: to a life that brims with wellness, and embraces its bounties; a life that is in tune with its gentle rhythms; a life that returns that child-like spring back to your steps and a happiness that beams from deep within. Where body, mind and soul find a perfect balance.


  • Landscaped layout

  • Tarred Roads

  • FootPaths

  • Covered Drainage

  • Street Lights

  • Well Develooped Park

  • Underground Electric Wiring

  • 24x7 Security



  • " bangalore has emerged has a major market for fake land developers and fraudsters making it difficult for people like me to invest my hard earned money. One word that I would associate Wellnest is "trust". I was extremely apprehensive at first. As the days went by I realised that, "you know what, these people are committed". They do not let you go and keep in touch in spite of the purchase being made, which unlike other companies disappears as soon as the money had been made. If you get to coordinate with Narasimhan or poornesh then consider your deal to progress smoothly.

    -Dr nirmal Singh

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